Sunday, December 6, 2009

And a pressie for me

Thanks to the support of my friends and their love of shopping, this little hobby is getting more and more official.

We are now labeled.

Thanks to Mommymadeit (ETSY) I can now help boost more love for my hobby by officially outing the website (which I have yet to boast about.)

Special thanks to Judy, Onna, and Katey for all your support!

A Piggie Christmas

There once was a little girl who loved her Olivia piggie so much, that her mother didn't know what to do. The little girl dreamt of the piggie day and night and wanted to carry her love with her wherever she went.

Oh dear whats a mother to do??

I know, I know!

The mother realized that what does any girl carry with her all of the time? No, not her Blackberry...but rather a purse or bag. So the mother thought and thought about the perfect Christmas gift for this little girl, what would make her smile ear to ear for days on end?

Merry Christmas to my dear Sammo!
(no worries, she can't read quite yet...the Christmas surprise will happen!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Starry skies

Why not another while I'm on??

This is my newest favorite set! The picture is actually a second set of burpcloths that were made in response to the story I heard of the baby shower they made their debut at. Rumor is that this babyboy is lucky not to be here yet, because the ladies at the shower were in a tugging match to rub these awesomely soft cloths themselves! So hopefully in the next two months, momma will be ready to share these cloths with babyboy.


You never realize how dependent you are on technology until its gone. The lack of the office PC sitting right across from Singer is apparant, its just not as convenient to swivel the chair into the photography mode and blogging mode. It doesn't help that my employer has decided to crackdown on all the people who waste too much time on Facebook. Don't they realize they are interferring with some people and their quest for recipes for dinner?

But I do at least come bearing gifts to share.
I spent some time with another changing pad, just simply because the fabric was perfectly nuetral and well why not?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ducky inspiration

My boy stash is minimal.

Face it...boy fabrics just aren't as plentiful as the girl stuff. Even the designers admit it, there isn't as much fun with boys.

I am allowed to say that, I'm a mother to a boy.

I picked up a remnant of this and made a pair of burpcloths. Nothing super fun, but its blue and probably the only non-pink item in my stash now.

The only fun that came of this random project was that a friend asked for me to do some burpcloths for her, but she needed something blue as well. We both weren't feeling that the duckies were right for her gift recipient.

So in the fun of helping friends, I ended dashing to the fabric store right before it closed on a Friday night. Fell in love with some nuetral fabric and brainstormed!
Saturday morning brought the light bulbs and the fun out.

Ms. O got the final products, so rushed that I didn't get a picture to share.

Good thing I got enough for a second batch.

Can't wait for spring!

So last month I mentioned that I wanted to do a non-baby project.

I teased with the picture of fabrics, which didn't amount to much in a single picture.

But I fell in love with some fat quarters and set out to rock it. Fat quarters are considered 'scraps' barely a step above 'remnant,' so they truly deserve an end product that will just kick arss.

Given its size, it does limit my options....but going for a non-baby item opened the possibilities.

And every girl needs a bag, or a purse whatever you want to call it....and come March when its springy again I am going to be sporting a "kick-arss aren't you jealous kinda bag."

Yep, I do love it that much.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eeek...modern world!

I'm officially insane.

I have now finally gotten my very first domain. I know I slacker, I know my way around the wideworld and all, but never owned a piece of it before now. is becoming more of a reality everyday.

Thank you to my friends who are supporting me every little stitch along the way!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink

My purse ended up with some hurt feeling this past week. Its was moved aside for a blanket project, which turned out insanely cute (even if I do say so myself.)

A smiling friend asked me to help out with a shower gift which is coming up soon!
And really, I dont' need much of an excuse to jump on a baby related item over my non-baby items. Of course I'll work on the purse again before hitting those new jeans of hubby's that need hemming.
I hit a lull last week in my Singer-love, but I think its guilt related to my PC loss and wonder if its PC's suicidal attempt that was just attention seeking in response to the Singer jealousy?
I'd love to make it up to PC, but it looks like he's out of commission for awhile. So its a catch-22 of how to keep my hands busy, which with PC out of competition, that leaves just Singer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prototypist, I am

I am an admitted hoarder. There I've said it aloud. I can't help it, its an addiction I'm not really ashamed of though.
I find fabulous fabrics that I adore too much to use for fear of my wasting it on a failed attempt. So I find myself doing practice runs, or making 'prototypes' of anything new. Almost anything I've tried has been toyed with on ugly scraps or el cheapo fabrics, I'm protective of my fabulous finds. They are like friends you don't to share with others because you might lose them.

I've mentioned my fondness for remnants and fat quarters, and I lucked upon a kick-arss bundle of quarters that made my heart skip a beat. Seriously. Typically a bundle will have maybe three ubercute ones and two generic blahs that don't jump at you. But it may have been me getting on karma's good side again, she graced me with what I call the 'perfect bundle of quarters.' Perfect I tell you.

So perfect that I must practice before I waste the perfection.
I drafted out an idea on paper last night, cut some funky shapes that I cannot duplicate freehand, and then foraged through the scrap and practice fabric storage. So tonight's work will be bag assembly. Since its not expected to be purdy, I'll tease you all with part of the 'Ooh Purdy' that am excited and timid about at the same time. computer officially left me. Its heading into the wide world of misty-pc's without any remourse for leaving me abandoned and alone without my photoshop.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've got burpcloths a plenty....

I've got oozits and whatzits galore.

Okay, song over...but seriously when I was taking pictures tonight that song jumped into my head. Which just makes me sound like a dork who loves her Disney songs, or I'm overwhelmed with burpcloths.

Anyone else check out the remnants rack? After this weeked I realized that there never seems to be any boy or nuetral fabrics. That must mean that girly moms buy the fabric down to the bolt, or have alot of false gender reports and have to return the fabric. I think this recent pink stash will send the spouse into a tizzy thinking something is up with all the pinkness. It is quite noticable since I'm a coolass momma to a cool boy, and again not a fan of pink myself anyway. (I lean more towards purples)

I was determined to find something other than pink in my fabric stop yesterday. I did luck out with some odd ends that won't fall into the 'girly' category, but did snag one batch.

The next mission: A non-baby product to get me out of the burpcloth and pink mode.

I've got fat quarters and I'm not afraid to use them.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Flashy and Fred have proven themselves very cooperative. Fred is doing amazing things for her esteem. Flashy is getting more comfortable about her flashy-ness and wants to show off how they pair up so well now.

A few tweaks though, I opted not to do a closure. I have a noise aversion to hook-n-eye (velcro) so I was leaning towards a button or looping closure, but it didn't feel right. So it truly is an optional universal pad. FlashyFred (yes, just like Brangelina, its a coined cheesy mixname) is flannel on the outside, with double batting on the inside, but yet thin enough to fold/roll up for a diaper bad.

The full size ended up as 20x24, plenty big for those rollerbabies. You know what I'm talking about. Once those babies find their feet and whip them into their mouths, that bottom starts rocking back and forth to gain momentum and a rolling they go.

Not intentionally, but helping FlashyFred into 'being' made me realize how green they might be considered. There is no plastic or waterproofing on this pad and is 100% washable. While that might be a deter to some, that you might have to wash it occassionally rather than wipe it down, but other mommas out there might like the idea of not wasting a wipe, or having plastic next to those baby bums. Personal levels of queasiness factor would gauge how 'green' you want to be.

Just toss in the laundry and clean any smudges that might appear. I've rinsed the fabric once, but I'm always paranoid with black fabrics, so you might want to do a rinse test before throwing it in with your favorite kidlet clothing.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I think my computer has decided to disown me. I do believe he's gotten jealous of sitting across from Singer in the front room and noticing that Singer has gotten so much attention recently. Just like sibling rivalry. Between editting recent pictures, or playing with Singer....unless someone wants to pay me for some pictures Singer will get the attention for now. Ha.

So in spite of MY computer disliking me, luckily other people still have friendly computers. EKE Design Studios happens to be one of those people with a friendly computer, wicked camera skills, and a perfect model. Katey (aka: a wicked IL photographer and graphic artist) is a long time friend who has lucked out with two kidlets being victims of the "Iron Swaddle." No, its not torture, I promise. But if you are a mom and you know babies....a required equipment of newborn survival is a good swaddle.

Meet the cutest cuddlebug, Vivian. She's perfectly happy and warm all squished up in baby goodness, swaddled up tight. Don't her lips just scream 'sleeping sweetness?' Not the 'squish my cheeks' kind of baby, but rather 'ooh sweet lips' and admiration from afar (which translates into 'afraid-to-wake-her-up-by-accident-far')

So, we've been blogged. In fact Vivian's modeling is what prompted me to go public of my affair with Singer. I think Singer deserves a reward....luckily I think he likes to try new things and is up for this weekend's test of a wallet from some fat quarters.

No worries, I haven't forgotten Computer. I have to be fair between the siblings right?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When hubby is away....

The Singer gets some play!!

This weekend my husband suddenly opted into a fishing trip sans kidlet and moi. My pale skin and dermatologist appreciate my exclusion, but what oh what would I end up doing with some alone time?

Maybe I should start thinking of my Singer as my mistress (is there a word for a male? would that be a mister?) As soon as my husband left the drive-way I naturally gravitated to my sewing corner. It was magnetism, I couldn't control it.

Without the distraction of my husband, and a kidlet asleep by 9pm; I was left alone.

Just me and Singer.

I found myself finishing up Fred and Flashy late Friday night, err...make that early Saturday morning. I lucked upon some bright canary trimming, so I tested my skills and let Fred and Flashy get some help with canary yellow trimwork. I think Flashy was the most eager as it took some attention away from her, but Fred agreed as well. All three got along fabulously and agree to make their appearance together shortly.

Not only did Fred and Flashy team up, but they were joined with some soft flannel pink burpcloths. Nothing fancy, just some pink for my girly moms out there.

I was so proud of my new friends that Saturday around 11pm I got everyone to pose nicely for their debut pictures, Flashy was shy, but Fred talked her through it. The burpclothes just lounged around waiting their turn...they are like that, just lazy but good to have around.

Come to find out, the computer wasn't up for any fun at that late hour, apparantly it keeps normal hours unlike Singer and me. Hopefully the computer can be coerced soon to cooperate and will let me share their pictures.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flashy Scrap and Flannel Fred

I'm not a girly-girl, really I'm not.

But this remnant spoke to me, it said 'why doesn't anybody love me? why am I just tossed into the remnant basket without any love? Am I too flashy? too girly? too neon-y?' I feel for this fabric and its esteem issues. Her name is Flashy Scrap.

Because of her issues, she needs a special purpose, so I've had her hidden away for close to a year, finding her perfect purpose. I had to find her a companion, a partner to help it through her abandonment issues. So I found a therapist for Flashy Scrap, his name is Flannel Fred. He's a supersoft purple flannel that will help comfort Flashy Scrap through the future.

Flashy Scrap and Flannel Fred have agreed to their purpose. They are to become what I hope to call a "Rock or Roll Pad," it can be used as a washable changing pad or a soft playmat, perfect in bassinet as well. Rock or roll in that I have plans to have hook/eye fasteners in two places, one for the folding OCD type (like myself) and another for the rebel rollers who like variety.

I hope it turns out as well as I hope, if not, then they agree to live civilly together at least.
Welcome to Stitch and Giggles.

My place to share my ongoing journey of anything creative. I love trying any sort of new sewing project, whether it be a blanket, bag, child's clothing, accessories, whatever I find cute enough to attempt. Most of my projects are simply my interpretations of products, no patterns other than notes to myself.

This is my place to share the latest attempts, projects in progress, failures, and whathaveyou.

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