Monday, August 24, 2009

Flashy Scrap and Flannel Fred

I'm not a girly-girl, really I'm not.

But this remnant spoke to me, it said 'why doesn't anybody love me? why am I just tossed into the remnant basket without any love? Am I too flashy? too girly? too neon-y?' I feel for this fabric and its esteem issues. Her name is Flashy Scrap.

Because of her issues, she needs a special purpose, so I've had her hidden away for close to a year, finding her perfect purpose. I had to find her a companion, a partner to help it through her abandonment issues. So I found a therapist for Flashy Scrap, his name is Flannel Fred. He's a supersoft purple flannel that will help comfort Flashy Scrap through the future.

Flashy Scrap and Flannel Fred have agreed to their purpose. They are to become what I hope to call a "Rock or Roll Pad," it can be used as a washable changing pad or a soft playmat, perfect in bassinet as well. Rock or roll in that I have plans to have hook/eye fasteners in two places, one for the folding OCD type (like myself) and another for the rebel rollers who like variety.

I hope it turns out as well as I hope, if not, then they agree to live civilly together at least.


  1. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  2. Thanks hon! You and your craftastic stills is what prompted me to start this up!


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