Monday, September 7, 2009


Flashy and Fred have proven themselves very cooperative. Fred is doing amazing things for her esteem. Flashy is getting more comfortable about her flashy-ness and wants to show off how they pair up so well now.

A few tweaks though, I opted not to do a closure. I have a noise aversion to hook-n-eye (velcro) so I was leaning towards a button or looping closure, but it didn't feel right. So it truly is an optional universal pad. FlashyFred (yes, just like Brangelina, its a coined cheesy mixname) is flannel on the outside, with double batting on the inside, but yet thin enough to fold/roll up for a diaper bad.

The full size ended up as 20x24, plenty big for those rollerbabies. You know what I'm talking about. Once those babies find their feet and whip them into their mouths, that bottom starts rocking back and forth to gain momentum and a rolling they go.

Not intentionally, but helping FlashyFred into 'being' made me realize how green they might be considered. There is no plastic or waterproofing on this pad and is 100% washable. While that might be a deter to some, that you might have to wash it occassionally rather than wipe it down, but other mommas out there might like the idea of not wasting a wipe, or having plastic next to those baby bums. Personal levels of queasiness factor would gauge how 'green' you want to be.

Just toss in the laundry and clean any smudges that might appear. I've rinsed the fabric once, but I'm always paranoid with black fabrics, so you might want to do a rinse test before throwing it in with your favorite kidlet clothing.

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  1. this gets my crunchy seal of approval. hehehe. it turned out cute!


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