Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prototypist, I am

I am an admitted hoarder. There I've said it aloud. I can't help it, its an addiction I'm not really ashamed of though.
I find fabulous fabrics that I adore too much to use for fear of my wasting it on a failed attempt. So I find myself doing practice runs, or making 'prototypes' of anything new. Almost anything I've tried has been toyed with on ugly scraps or el cheapo fabrics, I'm protective of my fabulous finds. They are like friends you don't to share with others because you might lose them.

I've mentioned my fondness for remnants and fat quarters, and I lucked upon a kick-arss bundle of quarters that made my heart skip a beat. Seriously. Typically a bundle will have maybe three ubercute ones and two generic blahs that don't jump at you. But it may have been me getting on karma's good side again, she graced me with what I call the 'perfect bundle of quarters.' Perfect I tell you.

So perfect that I must practice before I waste the perfection.
I drafted out an idea on paper last night, cut some funky shapes that I cannot duplicate freehand, and then foraged through the scrap and practice fabric storage. So tonight's work will be bag assembly. Since its not expected to be purdy, I'll tease you all with part of the 'Ooh Purdy' that am excited and timid about at the same time. computer officially left me. Its heading into the wide world of misty-pc's without any remourse for leaving me abandoned and alone without my photoshop.

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