Friday, September 4, 2009


I think my computer has decided to disown me. I do believe he's gotten jealous of sitting across from Singer in the front room and noticing that Singer has gotten so much attention recently. Just like sibling rivalry. Between editting recent pictures, or playing with Singer....unless someone wants to pay me for some pictures Singer will get the attention for now. Ha.

So in spite of MY computer disliking me, luckily other people still have friendly computers. EKE Design Studios happens to be one of those people with a friendly computer, wicked camera skills, and a perfect model. Katey (aka: a wicked IL photographer and graphic artist) is a long time friend who has lucked out with two kidlets being victims of the "Iron Swaddle." No, its not torture, I promise. But if you are a mom and you know babies....a required equipment of newborn survival is a good swaddle.

Meet the cutest cuddlebug, Vivian. She's perfectly happy and warm all squished up in baby goodness, swaddled up tight. Don't her lips just scream 'sleeping sweetness?' Not the 'squish my cheeks' kind of baby, but rather 'ooh sweet lips' and admiration from afar (which translates into 'afraid-to-wake-her-up-by-accident-far')

So, we've been blogged. In fact Vivian's modeling is what prompted me to go public of my affair with Singer. I think Singer deserves a reward....luckily I think he likes to try new things and is up for this weekend's test of a wallet from some fat quarters.

No worries, I haven't forgotten Computer. I have to be fair between the siblings right?

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