Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When hubby is away....

The Singer gets some play!!

This weekend my husband suddenly opted into a fishing trip sans kidlet and moi. My pale skin and dermatologist appreciate my exclusion, but what oh what would I end up doing with some alone time?

Maybe I should start thinking of my Singer as my mistress (is there a word for a male? would that be a mister?) As soon as my husband left the drive-way I naturally gravitated to my sewing corner. It was magnetism, I couldn't control it.

Without the distraction of my husband, and a kidlet asleep by 9pm; I was left alone.

Just me and Singer.

I found myself finishing up Fred and Flashy late Friday night, err...make that early Saturday morning. I lucked upon some bright canary trimming, so I tested my skills and let Fred and Flashy get some help with canary yellow trimwork. I think Flashy was the most eager as it took some attention away from her, but Fred agreed as well. All three got along fabulously and agree to make their appearance together shortly.

Not only did Fred and Flashy team up, but they were joined with some soft flannel pink burpcloths. Nothing fancy, just some pink for my girly moms out there.

I was so proud of my new friends that Saturday around 11pm I got everyone to pose nicely for their debut pictures, Flashy was shy, but Fred talked her through it. The burpclothes just lounged around waiting their turn...they are like that, just lazy but good to have around.

Come to find out, the computer wasn't up for any fun at that late hour, apparantly it keeps normal hours unlike Singer and me. Hopefully the computer can be coerced soon to cooperate and will let me share their pictures.

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