Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ducky inspiration

My boy stash is minimal.

Face it...boy fabrics just aren't as plentiful as the girl stuff. Even the designers admit it, there isn't as much fun with boys.

I am allowed to say that, I'm a mother to a boy.

I picked up a remnant of this and made a pair of burpcloths. Nothing super fun, but its blue and probably the only non-pink item in my stash now.

The only fun that came of this random project was that a friend asked for me to do some burpcloths for her, but she needed something blue as well. We both weren't feeling that the duckies were right for her gift recipient.

So in the fun of helping friends, I ended dashing to the fabric store right before it closed on a Friday night. Fell in love with some nuetral fabric and brainstormed!
Saturday morning brought the light bulbs and the fun out.

Ms. O got the final products, so rushed that I didn't get a picture to share.

Good thing I got enough for a second batch.

1 comment:

  1. And then "someone" forgot to take a picture as well.
    I'll be ordering more very very soon.


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