Thursday, November 19, 2009

Starry skies

Why not another while I'm on??

This is my newest favorite set! The picture is actually a second set of burpcloths that were made in response to the story I heard of the baby shower they made their debut at. Rumor is that this babyboy is lucky not to be here yet, because the ladies at the shower were in a tugging match to rub these awesomely soft cloths themselves! So hopefully in the next two months, momma will be ready to share these cloths with babyboy.


You never realize how dependent you are on technology until its gone. The lack of the office PC sitting right across from Singer is apparant, its just not as convenient to swivel the chair into the photography mode and blogging mode. It doesn't help that my employer has decided to crackdown on all the people who waste too much time on Facebook. Don't they realize they are interferring with some people and their quest for recipes for dinner?

But I do at least come bearing gifts to share.
I spent some time with another changing pad, just simply because the fabric was perfectly nuetral and well why not?
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