Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Upgrade

There comes a time in every relationship that we must wonder if its truly meant to be. Is it a long-term relationship? a short fling? or a forever-kinda deal? I know Singer and I had a good run, and we had some great times, heck he was my first. But I realized some things lately....I was always relying on him and he wasn't willing sometimes to work together, or be as supportive as he should. I am supposed to rely on a partner, right?

I didn't question our relationship until recently when I was tempted by another. I didn't realize how run down and loud Singer was becoming lately, I assumed it was just me.

I didn't stray, I promise....I wouldn't do that to Singer after all we've been through.

So I set him free.

And now I have a adorable, impressive White, who goes by the name of White, Sassy White. Yes, its a White, I guess I've switched teams. She's more mature, cleaner lines, not quite as loud as Singer used to be, and overall new and purdy. Don't judge if I've betrayed Singer, because while I love Singers and White equally, I'm not loyal to either side, but my current needs are met with a White. I'd probably get as much grief from real craftsters that I would from real photogs if I were to switch over to Canon (from worries though, Nik is still good to me!)

Sassy has taught me oh so many new tricks already, I'm embarassed at my ineptitude. A quick reminder that I'm still 'young' and 'inexperienced' with my skills, but Sassy is oh so eager to teach me all the fun stuff of a mature educated machine.


  1. Sweet. An upgrade is always nice! :)
    So what new are you popping out on the new machine?

  2. Glad you asked!! I actually have THREE different bags/totes scheduled! You included (details soon!)


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