Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Namesake

I finally took advantage of the spam emails I often get and now have some business cards to include in packages and to provide friends who ask about the website and such.

And as I handed the card to a friend who heard about my blankets, she read "Stitch n' Giggles" and asked the oh important question of 'how did you come up with the name?' (insert cringe)

I don't hide the fact that I'm not a girly girl, nor am I a proper lady. I am the daughter of a Army man and lived on-post for my formative years. I say what's on my mind most of the time and just deal with the consequences as they come at me. Since the conversation was happening at work (what I spend the rest of my non-sewing time doing 7:30am-5pm) I explained to her that I took up sewing and making blankets for the 'hell of it...just for $hits and giggles?'

Do most people make the connection? Probably not.

But it gives you an idea of how I work, play, and live.

So the next time someone gives you grief or questions why you do something? You just relay the phrase.

*For the other mommies of the world who now edit and censor themselves? Feel free to now say 'for stitch and giggles' if you like, I won't mind.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clever titles and names?

I mentioned my fabric frenzy from last weekend, didn't I?
I also mentioned the bags on the schedule for this month? Did I say in the month of March, or within a month's time? hmm...I might have to relook at the schedule.

In all seriousness, I'm reasonably on task with completing a sudden baby boy set going out to Wisconsin, and the first bag already drafted up.

I realized that by doing a blog, I have to at least try to be reasonably clever, which means coming up with cute or quirky names for what in my life I would just call
'wickedly awesome' or 'soooo cool!'

You can tell the 'Hibiscus-Linen' was the first because its not clever or quirky. Just matter of fact.

I knew the second one before I even folded it up into my basket, but its an internal joke.

The second picture is my 'Big Al Butterflies,' in honor of a little hidden item in my favorite series of books. I kept my favorite author a secret for a couple years, but now can't help but be proud of Kim Harrison and The Hollow's Series.

The author doesn't know me from Al, but I think she would appreciate and totally 'get' the idea.

I'd love to say this one is for the world the share, but as of right now, someone yelled 'DIBBS!' on this the minute I texted her this option. The name of Purple Passion, just screams old high school memories to me, but its all that came to me.
But its otherwise known as 'Onna's' for now.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have a problem, I must admit.
Admitting it is the first step I hear, but I may not be ready for the mockery that will ensue.

I'm a fabric addict.

I see pretty things and I end up with at least a yard of it. Any pretty thing,no matter if it has a fate yet, no matter if it probably will never match anything precisely. No matter if it never feels the fresh air for the next three years, but I must have it.

I think its hereditary though, so perhaps I can blame my mother?

After all, I raided her stash last weekend :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ISO: Motivation

I promised myself that I would visit here more often, even without pictures....but shame prevents me. Forgive me?

I lost my mojo for some reason this past month. I finished a toddler dress, which is awaiting the model's schedule for her pictorial debut (hint Sarah! get better so you can model and twirl for Auntie April!)

To help me push through this I've taken on more than I can chew. I've taken the urging from friends to heart and finally ordered my business/thank you cards to make me feel real. I mean I (the April chick) am real, but help me feel like my projects are 'real.' In my mind I'm just a flake who likes to pretend to sew, they just turn out looking 'purdy' and functional. Who'd a thunk it?

On tap for this month? My peronal goal for the end of March:
  • totebag LONG overdue for Onna. **I have a quirky idea that I'm thinking has your name all over it! Message being sent on 3/18**
  • cute purse idea for Tanya
  • the non-diaper bag for Judy
I have another blanket set scheduled for sometime in April already, so I want to try to get two of the three bags completed and the third at least pinned and ready to go.

Hold me to it ladies....I want to promise to post at least twice a month in here.
Email me, stalk me, ping me, whatever you want (you know I like it.)
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