Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing "Friday Fieldtrips"

I spend most of my 7-5pm time period at work and toiling away for other people, but on my breaks I am free!
Free to grab my phone decked out with Pandora and my Google Reader, and I set out and explore. Its my 'fieldtrip' away from my desk and duties during my few alotted time periods of the day. Or while waiting in line somewhere, the doctors waiting rooms, kiddo to finish the last pieces to his latest puzzle, or whatnot. I don't like to waste time just 'waiting,' and try to multitask.

I thought perhaps I'd start sharing where I go on these fieldtrips. Its all the nooks and cranies I find in the Blog world that keep sucking me in deeper and deeper. There are endless alleyways of other seamstresses, or photographers, or really just quirky thing that grab my attention or eye. I'm almost getting lost on these journeys, when I find something or someone who I want to find again, but lose.

So grab a seat on the bus (and its not a short one) buckle in and join us for our Friday FieldTrip:

April 30
This week it has been hard to narrow down all my 'starred' items, because it is
Proud Top Week from Made by Rae. This gets has the whole sewing world sewing like MAD and sharing their best! The whole lot of the submissions so far can be seen HERE!

There is a lot of wonderful people to try and follow, but I saw one that I already subscribe to who sent in a submission. I want to try and do this myself if I find a cute fabric! (and besides, isn't that half the fun!)
This is exactly the type of shirt I would love to make and wear! (Noodlehead)

And what about this one?
And what about this one? (

So take notice if any Friday post is titled 'Friday Fieldtrip' and come along for my exploration for the week or month.
(I hope to try this maybe twice a month?)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Needle Guru

There once was a young woman, snarky and sweet.
Who had so much lurve in her, she was one I had to meet!

And she totally rocks.
I got a surprise gift in the mail this week. Well we had talked about one item that was expected but didn't have a deadline or anything. But lo and behold when opening that fluffy padded envelope, I found not only the expected gift for my son, but a pressie for me. {awwwww}

Kate from Holy Sheep, knitting by Kate somehow miraculously finds time to work the needles inbetween photo shoots, editing and being a grand master momma to three! She surprised me with the yummiest purple mitts that I could ever have thought of. I am in lurve.

I wonder if my husband would mind me wearing purple mitts around the house? hmmm. This was the teaser shot when I didn't have the faintest idea that I was the surprise-ee.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love Blackberry

Seriously...I truly am becoming a crackberry person more and more every day!

I am able to blog directly from my phone!! Insert childish giggle here! So this new addiction of mindless ramble called the 'blogworld' just became oooh sooo lovely.

And Blackberry is my enabler.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming To-Do's

This is probably more for myself than anyone who reads along:

  • Blanket/burpcloth set (by months' end)

  • Judy bag

  • Tanya bag/tote

  • Blanket set (Austin --due May 2010)

  • Custom blanket (Austin ---due June 2010)

So much for my March mission of three bags, because its already April now. (blush) But see, they are all on the list, that way I don't slip up.

I have to admit that I randomly picked up an awesome remnant of baby flannel, totally modern and non-cutesy. I'm thinking of a perfectly modern, chic changing pad...hmmm, unless someone else can suggest an idea?
forgive my hatred of ironing, if you haven't noticed by now.

Hawaiian Flannel
Hawaiian Flannel and coord

Friday, April 16, 2010

What a small blog world it is

Obviously I follow quite a few sewing and crafting blogs. They are rather addictive with everyone sharing ideas, tips, tutorials, and whatnot.

This past month one of my favorite blogs,.The Idea Room, has been hosting a guest blogger, Kristen Duke. I have to thank Idea Room for combining my two loves into one neat package of crafts and photography.

Kristen Duke of Kristen Duke Photography has been providing tips, ideas, and photography inspiration and it has brought that twinkle of ideas in my head again as I read along. But then a photo caught my eye, why it just drew me I could not figure out.

So I visited Kristen Duke's website and blog directly and all the pieces fell together. Why was I drawn to her photos? Other than the fact that they are gorgeous! and oh so bright and wonderful? Well they are of my lovely Austin Texas. Turns out by this random blog love I have, I ended up finding a local photographer that I can add to my current long list of stalk-worthy photography blogs.

Who knew I could find a sewing blog that would encorporate my photography love as well.

Thank you blog world.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend hobby?

Why is it that when I find a hobby that I truly love, that life gets in the way?
I realized that I’m recently only able to sew on the weekends for recreation, the only time I sew during the week is for orders or requests with a deadline. But the truly fun sewing, the type that I get to splurge and play is a rare treat. That’s probably why I enjoy taking my time and energy to create something one of a kind. (that and the fact that I probably couldn’t duplicate one of my items very well.)

I found a wonderful little remnant that immediately made me think of the linen I picked up last month. I want to play and experiment, but need to focus on the orders at hand. Remember? Those bags I mentioned in March? Good news is that one was completed and should be in its new owner’s hands this weekend.

Boston is up next on the ‘due’ list, and the linen is part of hers. I now have two separate fabrics that I personally would partner with it, but neither give me the right vibe for Boston. I feel the need for more fabric shopping :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

A bobbin kinda night

With the expanded stash and expanding to-do' list I realized that I have got to get more organized and clean up the little space I call my 'sewing hole.'

I'm housed in the guest room, it used to truly be my craft room until we upgraded our master room bed. So my craft room now holds the former king size bed, eliminating most of my cutting space and well, alot of the space in general.

I had been keeping my threads in a bag, but they all started unravelling into one another...yes, I'm like a kid. So now they have spool rods and all sit pretty and at attention. But when I lined up the spools I realized my bobbins were all rather skimpy.

So its a bobbin night, I cleaned up and filled six bobbins. (instead of a workout night on the treadmill...a good choice? eh...I think so!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Bag formerly known as O'Kentucky!

Oh I just turn into a ball of nerves when I'm finished up a project. Its a mix of anxiousness to complete, avoiding the jinx of rushing to finish and making a huge mistake, and then nerves that the recipient won't like it, or its not at all what they envisioned, or this, or that...

I am blessed that my friends and others who have taken me up on the offer to make things for them, that they all have some blind faith in me and let me run with whatever I want to do. that's trust!

I'm not sure I'd be as patient or as adventurous as some of my friends! (I'm the lucky one, I know it!)

Last year when I made my my 'spring' bag, Onna jumped at the chance to let me make (translation: play and create) her a bag as well. I got distracted through the holidays and then had several blanket sets ordered so spring has turned into summer.

I threw a random idea at Onna that I wanted to try and 'upcycle' some denim I had from my son who can't seem to not wear out the knees of his jeans. She was cool with the idea, and I ran with it.

I have this pretty perfect Onna bag headed to Kentucky (eek...really its Tennessee!) this week...and just will have myself on pins and needles until she sees it in person.

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