Friday, April 9, 2010

A bobbin kinda night

With the expanded stash and expanding to-do' list I realized that I have got to get more organized and clean up the little space I call my 'sewing hole.'

I'm housed in the guest room, it used to truly be my craft room until we upgraded our master room bed. So my craft room now holds the former king size bed, eliminating most of my cutting space and well, alot of the space in general.

I had been keeping my threads in a bag, but they all started unravelling into one another...yes, I'm like a kid. So now they have spool rods and all sit pretty and at attention. But when I lined up the spools I realized my bobbins were all rather skimpy.

So its a bobbin night, I cleaned up and filled six bobbins. (instead of a workout night on the treadmill...a good choice? eh...I think so!)


  1. I think a bobbin night sounds like a good one :) I need to think of something else to have you making LOL joking!

  2. bring it on!! I always love sewing for you!


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