Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing "Friday Fieldtrips"

I spend most of my 7-5pm time period at work and toiling away for other people, but on my breaks I am free!
Free to grab my phone decked out with Pandora and my Google Reader, and I set out and explore. Its my 'fieldtrip' away from my desk and duties during my few alotted time periods of the day. Or while waiting in line somewhere, the doctors waiting rooms, kiddo to finish the last pieces to his latest puzzle, or whatnot. I don't like to waste time just 'waiting,' and try to multitask.

I thought perhaps I'd start sharing where I go on these fieldtrips. Its all the nooks and cranies I find in the Blog world that keep sucking me in deeper and deeper. There are endless alleyways of other seamstresses, or photographers, or really just quirky thing that grab my attention or eye. I'm almost getting lost on these journeys, when I find something or someone who I want to find again, but lose.

So grab a seat on the bus (and its not a short one) buckle in and join us for our Friday FieldTrip:

April 30
This week it has been hard to narrow down all my 'starred' items, because it is
Proud Top Week from Made by Rae. This gets has the whole sewing world sewing like MAD and sharing their best! The whole lot of the submissions so far can be seen HERE!

There is a lot of wonderful people to try and follow, but I saw one that I already subscribe to who sent in a submission. I want to try and do this myself if I find a cute fabric! (and besides, isn't that half the fun!)
This is exactly the type of shirt I would love to make and wear! (Noodlehead)

And what about this one?
And what about this one? (

So take notice if any Friday post is titled 'Friday Fieldtrip' and come along for my exploration for the week or month.
(I hope to try this maybe twice a month?)


  1. What a fun idea! Love those tops! I am also a working mother who finds time for my hobbies when I can! I started sewing recently and just got a brand new sewing machine. Found you on New Friend Friday. Hope you stop by!

  2. Hi April,
    I actually entered a top in the Made by Rae contest. There are some amazing entries. I mostly entered to force myself to sew something for myself!

    Glad I stopped by from New Friend Friday!

  3. oh LOOOOOOOOOOOVE some of those tops!!! so wish i had sweet sewing skillz. ♥ gorgeous stuff. what are you planning on making? {hint,hint!}

  4. I found that post by Noodlehead (Anna, not me though) and I loved that top too! In fact, it's inspired me to jump in and order bolts of voile for my online shop (shameless plug). Good for you, going on a "field trip" during your breaks. Maybe I'll do that once I start my new job too. Found you on New Friend Friday and sew glad I did!



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