Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Bag formerly known as O'Kentucky!

Oh I just turn into a ball of nerves when I'm finished up a project. Its a mix of anxiousness to complete, avoiding the jinx of rushing to finish and making a huge mistake, and then nerves that the recipient won't like it, or its not at all what they envisioned, or this, or that...

I am blessed that my friends and others who have taken me up on the offer to make things for them, that they all have some blind faith in me and let me run with whatever I want to do. ha...now that's trust!

I'm not sure I'd be as patient or as adventurous as some of my friends! (I'm the lucky one, I know it!)

Last year when I made my my 'spring' bag, Onna jumped at the chance to let me make (translation: play and create) her a bag as well. I got distracted through the holidays and then had several blanket sets ordered so spring has turned into summer.

I threw a random idea at Onna that I wanted to try and 'upcycle' some denim I had from my son who can't seem to not wear out the knees of his jeans. She was cool with the idea, and I ran with it.

I have this pretty perfect Onna bag headed to Kentucky (eek...really its Tennessee!) this week...and just will have myself on pins and needles until she sees it in person.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and you have NOTHING to be anxious/nervous over sweetie you have talent!
    I can't wait to get it. It's so awesome!!
    But... I hope it's not going to Kentucky... I live in TN lol
    Though I like it being calling O'Kentucky because well I went to college there, got married there, etc. So it's not a bad name!!
    Great work. I LOVE it!

  2. seriously, i can't tell you how awesome you are enough! this bag is gorgeous!! onna is a lucky lady!! <3

  3. well O'CRAP!?! I'm sorry, I know you spend time visiting family in Louisville and totally forgot that you drove in from TN!

    That's okay, O'Tennessee has a good ring to it as well. haha.


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