Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend hobby?

Why is it that when I find a hobby that I truly love, that life gets in the way?
I realized that I’m recently only able to sew on the weekends for recreation, the only time I sew during the week is for orders or requests with a deadline. But the truly fun sewing, the type that I get to splurge and play is a rare treat. That’s probably why I enjoy taking my time and energy to create something one of a kind. (that and the fact that I probably couldn’t duplicate one of my items very well.)

I found a wonderful little remnant that immediately made me think of the linen I picked up last month. I want to play and experiment, but need to focus on the orders at hand. Remember? Those bags I mentioned in March? Good news is that one was completed and should be in its new owner’s hands this weekend.

Boston is up next on the ‘due’ list, and the linen is part of hers. I now have two separate fabrics that I personally would partner with it, but neither give me the right vibe for Boston. I feel the need for more fabric shopping :)

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