Friday, April 16, 2010

What a small blog world it is

Obviously I follow quite a few sewing and crafting blogs. They are rather addictive with everyone sharing ideas, tips, tutorials, and whatnot.

This past month one of my favorite blogs,.The Idea Room, has been hosting a guest blogger, Kristen Duke. I have to thank Idea Room for combining my two loves into one neat package of crafts and photography.

Kristen Duke of Kristen Duke Photography has been providing tips, ideas, and photography inspiration and it has brought that twinkle of ideas in my head again as I read along. But then a photo caught my eye, why it just drew me I could not figure out.

So I visited Kristen Duke's website and blog directly and all the pieces fell together. Why was I drawn to her photos? Other than the fact that they are gorgeous! and oh so bright and wonderful? Well they are of my lovely Austin Texas. Turns out by this random blog love I have, I ended up finding a local photographer that I can add to my current long list of stalk-worthy photography blogs.

Who knew I could find a sewing blog that would encorporate my photography love as well.

Thank you blog world.


  1. That's why I LOVE blog hopping!!!!

  2. I agree, I LOVE blogging, too! Turns out I have friends all over the country who read the Idea Room blog and all of a sudden--there I was:)

  3. Why oh why did I avoid jumping into this blogworld for so long? Other than my addictive personality! I think I follow about 30 craft blogs in addition to a dozen photography ones already!


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