Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip ~ May 28

Since I'm new into this blogworld, I'm still discovering so much! So I need to take the time and read some of the archives of some of my own blogs that I follow already!
For instance, I visit Quality Time regularly, and commiserate with WW talks often. But I never put two and two together that I had actually bookmarked this tutorial some time ago not realizing it was Angies.
I know that I definately have the scraps around the house for this cute pattern! Time? not so much. Dresden Petal Handbag

I'm not naive enough to ignore the main blogs, the ones that I see on all the sewing blogs. I mean, who could ignore places like Sew Mama Sew, or angry chicken??
But I know that I often miss a post here or there on the main blogs that post so often. And since this is all about sharing those cute finds, I'm sending you right to the PDF directly for a summer dress for little girls! (I can just imagine a friend's daughter, Sammo, having a blast wearing this in a oh so innocent way while wrestling with her big brother at the same time)
Casa Leisure Dress Tutorial

I have to admit that I found the next blog and couldn't help myself but peeking, with a name of "Living with Punks," how could I not?? Turns out to be a cleverly crafty blog!
I have this tutorial bookmarked for a definate home project (that I think hubby would appreciate something for our own home.) I know that he and his friends would embrace these floor cushions, especially if I find some mosaic or Moroccain looking fabric. I am actually stoked to try something out for own house!
Land of Nod Inspired Floor Cushion Tutorial

Now if you've paid attention to my personal sewing, you've realized that I don't work from patterns. I don't know why the idea of a pattern is intimidating, but I like the spontaneaity of the non-patterned type sewing. BUT! This blog's reference to some new Butterick patterns totally might change my mind.
Check them out through Stitches and Seams!

And for viewing fun?
Have you seen WhipUp's Yoda? He's too adorable not to giggle at.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Love: Onna's Digital Designs

Now this blog may not be anything fancy or earth-shattering humorous. I know I have my faithful few, but I'm not a mass market type of blog.

BUT that won't stop me from bragging about friends or blogs that I completely ADORE.

I could list all the negatives about Stitch n'Giggles blog:
*not enough pictures
*not regularly posting
*not alot of interaction
*not having schmancy photography of the moderately nice projects.
*I'm sure there are more...

And I have a few positives about my own blog:
*I spent about six weeks just picking out a name that truly reflected my personality and crafts
*I have an awesome logo
*That logo looks awesome on Facebook as well as on here
*I have some wicked buttons to share (if anyone wants them)

And I can thank one person for three of those positives, and that is a dear friend from Tennessee. A friend that enjoying frolicking around Nashville awhile ago for a photography workshop, and a sweetheart who actually enjoys giving home crafted items.

I know my limits, and I know when to call in professionals! So I asked Onna last year to play designer for me when I first created this blog (due in part to her encouragment!) And did not fail whatsoever, so I hope others will think of Onna and her site to get the same fabulous work for themselves.

She is now offering logos, buttons, blog banners, invitations, cardstocks, you name it!! And they are all amazing!!

Check out the her website!
or for more fun, you can check out the Onna's Digital Designs blog!

Thanks Onna for all your craftiness!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Buttons buttons and more buttons

I have been blessed with some awesomely creative friends in my life!

Onna of Onna's Digital Design and I must share a brain wave that spans from Texas to Tennessee, because literally I can throw a one lined suggestion or question to her and she amazingly is dead on with what I visualize but can't create myself.

I figured now that I am linking you up to other blogs and trying to play with the linkup parties and such, I figured I needed to have a button to at least offer, right?

Button1 Button2 Button3

(So if any of my FieldTrip stops want a button, go for it! Anyone else? Go for it! I'm about sharing the love with anyone)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Seam Ripper

Another shoutout over at:
Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Yet another method of avoiding the required sewing and opting to just 'fly by the seat of my pants,' I raided my own stash. When I first started sewing more last year I tried to make something with a cute fat quarter I had.

It originally was a diaper wipes case, intended to hold a hard wipes case and a diaper, or a soft case of wipes and two or three diapers for a quick grab bag:

I completed it, but never 'loved it' or wanted to duplicate it or try this original piece got to spend about two hours in front of the television playing with Mr. Seam Ripper.

It was a small strip of fabric, so I was limited but I ended up with a little soft sided case for knitting needles for a friend. She is willing to see if its way off sized or non-functional or just simply a cute item for another purpose. I enjoyed making or creating something without any planned end product. I literally folded the fabric into half and it evolved one line of stitching at a time.

End results?
I've used pens for now to test out the pockets and help visualize the pockets.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip~May 14

Are you buckled in to see the goodies this week??

I think most craftsters are mommas in addition to people with busy hands, so I fell in love with this project! Not only does it get to have the kidlet involved, but it also is a awesome way to showoff my other favorite things, which is pictures of my favorite people or places!

Brandy at Home Sweet Home has a great tutorial for a Photo Collage Clock!! Its been featured in a couple other places, but I never saw it before. **Can you just imagine this done with some of my pictures of Morocco? or better yet a gift idea for Mother's Day? I think I might have to earmark this come Christmas time!**

Now I'm not a knitter or a crocheter (or whatever the term would be) but I do know PRETTY!
Random find of link of a link of a blog from a blog...who knows how I found it, but I can't help but share it! Gorgeous pictures never hurt to drawing me into blogs either!
Francesca from has a fascinating blog of a family living in Italy, so of course I love all the pictures! But she featured a vintage lace and recreated a free pattern for her followers!! Now is the time I wish there were more hours in the day to learn yet another hobby {sigh}

And since I'm as often in the sewing room as I am in the kitchen, can we not have a stop in the kitchen for some goodies to finish up our first Field Trip?

Everyone loves cookies, and summertime fast approaching has made me think of Root Beer Floats! We actually did them for our Admin Executives Day at work this past month, so its on the brain.
And then luck would have it that I find Brooke from Babblings From Brookeposting a yummy recipe for RootBeer cookies! Can you go wrong with this? Other than my expanding hips I mean.

And for our viewing pleasure? From Etsy a print that I found scrumptious!

Have a great weekend! What crafty goodness are you going to do?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maria, Maria

A local Austin friend came to me needing a gift pretty quickly, and I guess I've become her "go-to" person! I'm loving that, so we got to have fun picking out fabric and then letting me hide and 'create' a new purse for her friend. Its an older woman who is retiring from work.

I had this oriental themed fabric which I adore, it has tiny gold detail inside and its just a deep red color. I picked up some new thicker pellon to add some extra stiffness for a darker themed bag than my normal (I don't sense a black/red back would be flimsy like a summery one, do you?)

The retirement party is set for the end of the month, so I wanted to get it out of the way and move onto that custom applique blanket (that I keep putting off...{shuffle feet}

(click the photo to see the full image, I keep trying to make it smaller to show the full picture on blogger, but I still need to learn how to flatter the blogman to work with me easier)

I found this awesome black fabric for the bottom to coordinate
Added in a central pleat just to give it more character. Its a bit larger than my other bags, I think the final dimensions were 10x14 maybe.

The gifter will be filling up the bag with some things for the friend venturing off into retirement, my only recommendation was a book of sudoku (yet another one of my addictions) but what else would you recommend?

eek, my first submission for a 'show off' type of posting party...I'm linked at My Backyard Eden :)
Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I hope all of my lovely ladies had a wonderfully family oriented mother's day weekend! I got to enjoy myself with a birthday party for my favorite niece (she's my only one!) And then Gramma took my kidlet for the evening. I got a great mothers day morning of relaxing with hubby. Which means its a lazy morning for me!

It was short lived since I had put off my required sewing until the last minute (like usual) and was sequestered off into the sewing room to finish a purse.

I am out of town this week heading to Washington DC for work, but I hope to get the purse post up before I leave.

Ps...I had a blast with my 'fieldtrip' this week! Keep an eye out for it!
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