Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Love: Onna's Digital Designs

Now this blog may not be anything fancy or earth-shattering humorous. I know I have my faithful few, but I'm not a mass market type of blog.

BUT that won't stop me from bragging about friends or blogs that I completely ADORE.

I could list all the negatives about Stitch n'Giggles blog:
*not enough pictures
*not regularly posting
*not alot of interaction
*not having schmancy photography of the moderately nice projects.
*I'm sure there are more...

And I have a few positives about my own blog:
*I spent about six weeks just picking out a name that truly reflected my personality and crafts
*I have an awesome logo
*That logo looks awesome on Facebook as well as on here
*I have some wicked buttons to share (if anyone wants them)

And I can thank one person for three of those positives, and that is a dear friend from Tennessee. A friend that enjoying frolicking around Nashville awhile ago for a photography workshop, and a sweetheart who actually enjoys giving home crafted items.

I know my limits, and I know when to call in professionals! So I asked Onna last year to play designer for me when I first created this blog (due in part to her encouragment!) And did not fail whatsoever, so I hope others will think of Onna and her site to get the same fabulous work for themselves.

She is now offering logos, buttons, blog banners, invitations, cardstocks, you name it!! And they are all amazing!!

Check out the her website!
or for more fun, you can check out the Onna's Digital Designs blog!

Thanks Onna for all your craftiness!

1 comment:

  1. You're too kind. I love that we are friends! Thanks for the shout out.
    Your sewing ability my digital designs... we compliment each other!


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