Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip ~ May 28

Since I'm new into this blogworld, I'm still discovering so much! So I need to take the time and read some of the archives of some of my own blogs that I follow already!
For instance, I visit Quality Time regularly, and commiserate with WW talks often. But I never put two and two together that I had actually bookmarked this tutorial some time ago not realizing it was Angies.
I know that I definately have the scraps around the house for this cute pattern! Time? not so much. Dresden Petal Handbag

I'm not naive enough to ignore the main blogs, the ones that I see on all the sewing blogs. I mean, who could ignore places like Sew Mama Sew, or angry chicken??
But I know that I often miss a post here or there on the main blogs that post so often. And since this is all about sharing those cute finds, I'm sending you right to the PDF directly for a summer dress for little girls! (I can just imagine a friend's daughter, Sammo, having a blast wearing this in a oh so innocent way while wrestling with her big brother at the same time)
Casa Leisure Dress Tutorial

I have to admit that I found the next blog and couldn't help myself but peeking, with a name of "Living with Punks," how could I not?? Turns out to be a cleverly crafty blog!
I have this tutorial bookmarked for a definate home project (that I think hubby would appreciate something for our own home.) I know that he and his friends would embrace these floor cushions, especially if I find some mosaic or Moroccain looking fabric. I am actually stoked to try something out for own house!
Land of Nod Inspired Floor Cushion Tutorial

Now if you've paid attention to my personal sewing, you've realized that I don't work from patterns. I don't know why the idea of a pattern is intimidating, but I like the spontaneaity of the non-patterned type sewing. BUT! This blog's reference to some new Butterick patterns totally might change my mind.
Check them out through Stitches and Seams!

And for viewing fun?
Have you seen WhipUp's Yoda? He's too adorable not to giggle at.

Have a great weekend!!

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