Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maria, Maria

A local Austin friend came to me needing a gift pretty quickly, and I guess I've become her "go-to" person! I'm loving that, so we got to have fun picking out fabric and then letting me hide and 'create' a new purse for her friend. Its an older woman who is retiring from work.

I had this oriental themed fabric which I adore, it has tiny gold detail inside and its just a deep red color. I picked up some new thicker pellon to add some extra stiffness for a darker themed bag than my normal (I don't sense a black/red back would be flimsy like a summery one, do you?)

The retirement party is set for the end of the month, so I wanted to get it out of the way and move onto that custom applique blanket (that I keep putting off...{shuffle feet}

(click the photo to see the full image, I keep trying to make it smaller to show the full picture on blogger, but I still need to learn how to flatter the blogman to work with me easier)

I found this awesome black fabric for the bottom to coordinate
Added in a central pleat just to give it more character. Its a bit larger than my other bags, I think the final dimensions were 10x14 maybe.

The gifter will be filling up the bag with some things for the friend venturing off into retirement, my only recommendation was a book of sudoku (yet another one of my addictions) but what else would you recommend?

eek, my first submission for a 'show off' type of posting party...I'm linked at My Backyard Eden :)
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  1. You sure have a cute blog!!!
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  3. Thanks so much for following Twee Poppets! I'm following you back. Happy Friday!

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