Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monkey business

While I worked on the duck blanket I had to take a break from it. I was drained and needed some oomph to bring me back into my sewing game.
I decided to finally break into my favorite fun remnant of these cute guys.

End result was two sets of two 'monkey business' burpcloths with no owner.
HINT HINT = I'm tempted to let something like this end up as a giveaway some time.

Have a great Monday everyone!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Invitation inspiration

Wow, it seems forever that I've been able to blog about my own stuff! But truthfully the lapse in blogging about projects is solely due to the time devoted to the projects! Essentially, the busier with sewing I am, the less time I have for the fun blogging.

The primary time sucker this past month was a custom job that I hemmed and hawed over for quite some time. I'll admit it, I totally procrastinated with it, stalling as long as I could. I knew I had taken on more than I could chew back when we discussed the project. A woman at work approached me to make a custom blanket for her, that is easy enough, most of my stuff is to order. However, she wanted to re-create the baby shower invitation. Being optimistic and eager, I said 'of course I can do that!' and took the challenge. Wowza. I had alot of learning to do before I tackled this one. Mainly, self-teaching the art of applique is one thing, but then to let the customer decide in flannel? Applique in flannel? Not the easiest feat with its fraying and fuzzing abilities. Nonetheless, I pushed on.

The original inspiration from the shower invitation:

In the process pictures

And the final product of the blanket:
Blanket total size is 38x34
The duck was originally to scale but I bumped him up to make him a focal point.
The eye is needlepoint stitchery.
The name is matching cording with a whip stich (by hand).

And since there was leftover fabric, I threw in some burpcloths made of the same materials.
And now onto other fun projects!!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Party Fridays

Thank goodness another week is behind us, and a weekend of sewing is ahead!!

We had a fieldtrip last week, so this Friday is a stay-at-home day with all the lovelly blog-hops and linkyparties.

On the Verge
and another new one at My New Life s Mom

From a new follower,Toddler Awesome

And of course
The Girl Creative

If you want to be a stop on an upcoming FieldTrip, leave a comment and link for me to venture into your 'neighborhood' for a stop :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Snow White Baby

My son had the fun kindergarden experience of his teacher being pregnant and getting a cute baby belly by the end of the year. Her name is Mrs. White, and being so clever just like his momma, my clever son suggested the name of 'Snow' if the baby is a girl. I thought it was a great suggestion, but won't be disappointed if she and her husband opt not for the punny name.

They are having a girl who is due next month in July, and well it totally worked in my favor when it came time for a 'thank you' gift for the end of the year.


I'm lucky to have random fabric to make a cute present at 10pm the night before its due.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip ~ June 18

I just found this blog from one of the blog-hops, and then lo and behold it inspires the next Fieldtrip!!
Blue Cricket Designshad a guest blogger and tutorial from Brittany with Love Stitched with this super quick and simple tutorial on how to have something even better than a plain jane reular old everyday tanktop.

Can you picture this in your kid's room?? How perfect is this, seriously.

I lucked upon this on a new blog about thriftyness at The Frugal Life Project


Don't these cookies look fabulous?? Seriously? I'm not even a big fan of pistachios, but hubby is.
Beat Until Fluffyhas an amazing blog of all sorts of goodies,check it out when you having a craving for something sweet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I like to party!!

Since I've become addicted to some of the blog hops and linky parties I know that several of my newest followers are finding me through those fun places!! If you a new visitor, I'm a great follower :)

This week I'm partying with some new blogs to join in the fun!
Found this new bloghop from
On the Verge
and another new one at My New Life s Mom

From a new follower,Toddler Awesome

And of course
The Girl Creative

If you want to be a stop on an upcoming FieldTrip, leave a comment and link for me to venture into your 'neighborhood' for a stop :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Love: Kate Bentley Photography

I've mentioned this Needle Guru before, for being a superwoman photographer, momma, and knitting genious.

But she is also a much better blogger and has shared the love of Stitch n'Giggles on her photography blog, she luckily has great taste in blankets and I have great taste in friends {heart}

Not only has she shamelessly plugged Stitch n'Giggles, but she and I are planning a first tutorial for both of us!! Check out her call for models in the Wisconsin area on Kate Bentley Photography and the details of the offer.

As a bonus to her awesome pictures, the family who contacts her will receive a 'thank you' gift from Stitch n'Giggles!! If you are in the Wisconsin area, or willing to meet Kate somewhere, look at our plans and take advantage of this great opportunity!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip ~ June 4

I have to admit that I'm enjoying sharing all my finds!!

So I had a custom blanket that was due by months' end. It required an applique of a duck and a name in script. Let me explain this conundrum: I am new to applique AND I have horrible script. The script is easy enough to print out a template from online using a font of some sort, but to have to applique it put me back to the problem #1.
My timidness led me to discover all sorts of tutorials on stenciling with freezer paper(big grin here!!)

I read various ones, but have to admit that Jess from Running with Scissors made it simple enough for even me to think to try it sometime!
*Don't worry! I completed the custom blanket with a twist on the applique request, blog post coming soon!


I MUST make this! I have one kid and his birthday is this July, this project is too adorable and can be used over and over! (for south TX though I ought to pack it away indoors, the heat will not be nice to balloons and their vibrant colors)
She gives the full tutorial at How Does She?

This past week or two has been the last week of school for almost all elementary kids I know, my own kindergartner has now been promoted to the even cooler status of a First grader. In honor of the end of the year many parents (okay its 99% of the mother's but I'm trying to be PC) ended up giving their teachers at least a thank you card.
I have to admit that I cheated and stole this idea from The Simpler Life with her teacher appreciation poem. (I gave some homemade cookies made with M&Ms)

Now 'angry chicken' isn't a new place, most crafters know if it by I don't want to be redundant about that blog.
BUT, I have to send you there for a treat this week! Maybe its just me and my carb-ilious tendencies, but I drooled with her post about Homemade BAGELS! Literally drooled onto the desk, had to scramble around for a napkin kinda drool.


If you've found yourself linked into the fieldtrip, just grab our 'featured' button and spread the word :)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along at Twee Poppets

How fun!! I swear, every week gets more and more fun with all my exploring in blogworld!

Tuesdays, which aren't my normal posting day is looking more and more enticing to be my day/night on the computer and away from the sewing machine. I've found Tuesday Tag-Along hosted over at Twee Poppets!

If you haven't checked it before, go there now! If you are visiting from there, then welcome!

Tuesday Tag-Along

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