Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip ~ June 4

I have to admit that I'm enjoying sharing all my finds!!

So I had a custom blanket that was due by months' end. It required an applique of a duck and a name in script. Let me explain this conundrum: I am new to applique AND I have horrible script. The script is easy enough to print out a template from online using a font of some sort, but to have to applique it put me back to the problem #1.
My timidness led me to discover all sorts of tutorials on stenciling with freezer paper(big grin here!!)

I read various ones, but have to admit that Jess from Running with Scissors made it simple enough for even me to think to try it sometime!
*Don't worry! I completed the custom blanket with a twist on the applique request, blog post coming soon!


I MUST make this! I have one kid and his birthday is this July, this project is too adorable and can be used over and over! (for south TX though I ought to pack it away indoors, the heat will not be nice to balloons and their vibrant colors)
She gives the full tutorial at How Does She?

This past week or two has been the last week of school for almost all elementary kids I know, my own kindergartner has now been promoted to the even cooler status of a First grader. In honor of the end of the year many parents (okay its 99% of the mother's but I'm trying to be PC) ended up giving their teachers at least a thank you card.
I have to admit that I cheated and stole this idea from The Simpler Life with her teacher appreciation poem. (I gave some homemade cookies made with M&Ms)

Now 'angry chicken' isn't a new place, most crafters know if it by I don't want to be redundant about that blog.
BUT, I have to send you there for a treat this week! Maybe its just me and my carb-ilious tendencies, but I drooled with her post about Homemade BAGELS! Literally drooled onto the desk, had to scramble around for a napkin kinda drool.


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Have a great weekend!!

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  1. OH MY GAWD!!! I am so making that for my daughter's first birthday!!! thanks for pointing this project out. I found you on new friend friday and am now following. I hope you can check me out at


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