Sunday, August 15, 2010

Austin + San Antonio + Tennessee = One busy girl!

I was off to such a great start with this blog thing, I was enthralled with it all. I became a slight addict, collecting more and more blogs to follow and keep up with. Then the inevitable happened....

I hope I'm not the first to admit defeat of the blog invasion?

July was a busy busy month, no actually June AND July were both busy. Busy at the real work that isn't quite as creative as the job I have with my White, but I was busy with White as well.

So busy that I forgot to take pictures of a couple items.

A safari green set of burpcloths and a changing pad for Austin, TX.
A boy fleece blanket of old vintage toys for San Antonio, TX.

And most recently I did a baby girl set Tennessee. But this time I remembered to take a picture to share :) I loved this set, I had to admit to the owner that its a new favorite and I ran out to buy the other versions of the print (a green and blue) because it worked out perfectly for the changing pad shape and size.

The upcoming week I have two more sets to get shipped out, so lets all hope that I remember to take pictures and share before the packaging is sealed!

1 comment:

  1. Me, me, me. I'm the one with that beautiful set for a friend. She's going to love them.
    You continue to rock!!! Thank you!!


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