Monday, August 2, 2010

I did a bad bad thing...

I took a mini-blog break. Not only did I not post any goodness that I worked on in the month of July but I also didn't blog about any other goodness I found.

I made the even worse faux pass of skipping out on your blogs out there in craftworld. I skipped out just long enough for my google reader to show in angry red "1000+" unread posts. eek. Yes reader got very upset with me, and now reader isnt talking to me because I broke its heart by simply pressing a button or two to say 'mark all as read.' (blush)

Fear not for I did remember to snap some pics yesterday of the latest package being shipped out today! Now if only the photos could magically appear and blog themselves. do all the bloggers who work fulltime and have families manage to keep up in this crazyblog land??

1 comment:

  1. I have been a slacker this summer it seems when it comes to my blog. And I'm not sure how I haven't been to your blog! :) I love it!


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