Friday, September 23, 2011

I've missed thee...

Oh my I've missed thee!

I miss my sewing machine,
miss my craft corner,
miss the sense of accomplishment when I finish a project,
miss the surge of excitement when finding a new fabric
miss the squeal I usually give out when I see a pretty packaged up product heading to the post office.


But rather I do have a wonderfully sweet 7month old who monopolizes my time and energy :) I keep crossing my fingers that she will learn to sleep better as she gets older, but it hasn't happeend quite yet.

A couple weeks ago I got the notice that I had to update my domain and realized that I'm going on three years of my blog. This last year doesn't count though does it? I admit that the thought of not keeping the domain did cross my mind since I know that I have not committed to any crafting enough to bother with blogging.

I have limited access to blogger in addition to the limited time that exists in the 24hour day.

So in the meantime while I can't be quite as productive as I want to, I have to settle with searching for inspiration.

But that's not a bad thing....because that means I get to spend ALOT of time at Pinterest.

So if anyone is a sucker for everything and anything crafty or yummy, you can follow me at Aprilelayne on Pinterest

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